Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Khawin (Malay) means getting married in Bahasa. What is the most suitable age for kahwin? 20, 30 or 40? For guy and girl may have different preference and different people will have different perception. Hard to say. People around me start to get married..so at the age of 20 and recently 24. Why am i still single? Is that because i don't trust married or waiting for the right one to come? How long do i need to wait? I dunno why but i think kahwin still far away from me even thought i wish to kahwin soon but financially i m not really and the most important thing is i still single..sigh..

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's U....ya!! U!!

Yes...it's U!!! I want U!!! So don't dodge away!!! U r the one i look for!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I AM SINGLE!!!!!!!

I am single and i don't have gf!!!!!!!! stop asking me got gf or not, why still single and blah blah blah...mind your own bussiness!


How vulnerable love can be? It’s really fragile!

Why do I say so? I had been through this. Girl at this moment and this minute she said how deep she in love with you and the next minute you find out she don’t. So for me love is just something like salt or even pepper, you can have it for your dinner and yes it’s tasty! You like it. But just bear in mind she is not food. You can have a healthy meal without it. Even though it don’t sound delicious but you still can survive with that. Yes, trust me eventually u will find that salt do kill you slowly and gradually. Ok I didn’t mean to offense lady. They are adorable and lovely. But when things go wrong the salt can eventually kill you. At first they amaze you but u will find one day u wan more taste and you will find that salt cause you a lot in your life. Not to mention the price you pay for it but physically and mentally it drains you down. So a little bit to enhance your life would be grateful but overdose is lethal. Sometimes we human need to be neutral and balance about this. I know one girl that she told me how badly she in love with a guy and she wanted to have him as a partner and she could not live without him. She cried a lot of time saying that she can bear with that and she wanted to tell him badly how she falls for him. That’s amazing, how love can be. I was touched at that moment. One month later I found that the girl was dating with another guy! OMG can you believe that. I started asking why she choose another guy instead of the first. She told me blah blah blah…she can’t wait for that guy to take action and she need love and she seeing other guy. At the first place she din even let the guy know she fall for him. Then she decided second guy might be better. Oh great! But how can she compare among these two. She didn’t. She just choose a guy and say this is true love. Bull shit.. she don even know the second guy. And she think the second he is better.

Ok I start to confuse.. so do you. I don’t know what I am talking right now but what I know is she is a liar. She don’t know about love! Conclusion…luckily I am not the first guy neither the second. God bless the poor second kid..

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Was having a real pack week which travel to northern part. It was reallly fantastic week that i learn lot of things.. One of them is to appreciate other. I used to complain other doing this and doing that to me, but i think start from now on i will thank you all for filling up my life no matter u hating me deep into ur heart or u like me to the heaven ( which this one i doubt so). I will be thankful to have u all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


1. 57 carried a very meaningful motivation to not everyone but me=) Why do i say so? 1.57... does it mean 157 %?

No! then..

Does it mean 1.57 ringgit malaysia or perhaps dollar?

Another NO..

1.57 is a language between consensus of 3 fella.. Jian, CS and Serena..

This is the word to show how rich you are... Yup, it's a group of number which consist of three digit and two decimal point. it looks small and acheivable but if you add something behind then it make whole hell of different.


1.57 million!!

yup!! 1.57 mil!!!

We are referring to this. Why do i say so? Cz when u have 1.57 mil then got "fren" will call you constetly and text you almost every week to check how well u keep ur 1.57 mil..

Don't worry "fren" if i have 1.57 i will make sure i keep it well and never let it drop a single 0.01

I wish, hope, think, desire, yearn, long, crave, fancy, inagine, believe, picture, conjure my 1.57 mil will come soon. So that my 'fren', you won't be waiting for so long.

But be patience my 'fren', cause 1.57 mil it doesn't easy to obtain. But don't worry my 'fren'!!! FOR YOU. i will work harder and won't make you wait! If not it will be very hard for you to earn 1.57 mil..

For you, i will do everything!!! For our 'friendship' i will!!! I will obtain this 1.57 and plus another 1.57 for u!!! because with this 1.57 we will meet again! I wanted to see you so much my 'fren' and so badly.. So again for you i will make it thru=)

1.57 mil!!! HERE I COME!!!...dreaming dreaming dreaming...ZzZZzzZzzZzzz

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

experimental with sleep early wake up early

Yesterday i heard one of my colleague she actually sleep around 9pm and wake up 6 every morning. so my experiment start as below:

Title : Human Sleeping Hours

Objective : To prove that sleep early whether can wake up early in the morning

Method :
  1. Before sleep make sure you brush your teeth
  2. before u bursh your teeth make sure u have your dinner
  3. before u have your dinner make sure u take ur shower
  4. Before u take ur shower make sure u go home on time after work and
  5. Blah blah blah blah........................................
  6. then 10pm sharp light up essential oil and classical music..
  7. tonite special...Haydn String Quartet in G Major, Op.76 No.1~3
  8. ok
  9. everything ready
  10. Go SLEEP!!!!
  11. then dreaming............
  12. Wake Up!!!!

Precaution : Don't drink too much water before sleep in case middle of the nite wake up and pee which will disturb the cycle of sleep..

Result: Wake up time 7am

Discussion: the predicted time was 6am where the actual wake up time is 7am. the different between the actual and estimated time totally differ 1 hour. where as in the middle there is no interruption of the sleeping cycle.


  1. The theory of sleep early and wake up early is totally nonsense.
  2. or I am just too tired....buahahahah

Suggestion on further study: Please make sure that don't do this stupid experiment again=)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Congrat to my "beloved" coursemate=)

haha...recently i found out that one of my coursemate in college is dating out with a guy, i was quite happy for her..really... but in the same time i bit confuse...'Cold water' the nick that we used to call her, how come can find a way to communicate with other... she used to ignore our opinion and reject watever we said... is really hard to talk with her most of the time...is tat she change in this 2 years time very much or someone jz enjoying being treated like this?

anyway i doesn't really bother me cz is really none of my business=) anyway is good to see people around be more happy...even i m not happy but i like to see other happy=) cz if i complaint lot and do nth then i will falling behind...i should use the time to do sth...sth can change myself better=)